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How to Find Truck Driver Jobs With No Experience

Like any industry, trucking can be a difficult field to break into. Even when the demand for drivers is high, the best employers are often hesitant to hire brand new drivers who have only just received their commercial driver’s license (CDL).

But every driver has to start somewhere, and even the best, most experienced, and high-paid drivers were in your shoes at some point. This guide will explore some essential tips for breaking into the industry without being forced to spend years taking on jobs you don’t like or want.

Apply to lots of carriers

There are tons of truck driver jobs available, and finding the right one can be a simple numbers game. Apply to anything that looks like a decent opportunity. Try both small and large carriers, including the mega carriers that may not be your first choice. If you can’t land a job with a smaller carrier that has a good reputation, you’ll at least be able to fall back on the less desirable roles that can give you the experience you need to land the right job later.

Look for independent owner/operators

While large and small trucking companies are always options, there are plenty of independent owner/operators out there that are looking for drivers to help them complete the work they don’t have time to take on personally. Many of them only require a clean driving record and a CDL, but some will also expect you to own your own vehicle.

Look for more than just long-haul trailer jobs

When most people think of trucking jobs, they picture semis cruising down the highway. But there are more options, and you’ll often find less competition for jobs involving dump trucks, gravel and plow trucks, and service trucks for railroad or lumber companies.

An added benefit is that for many of these jobs, you can stay in your city and go home to sleep each night. They also sometimes pay better since the pay is hourly rather than by the mile. Long-haul trucking employers often see a lot of value in having experience doing these types of jobs too. However, you may find that you want to stick to these kinds of jobs anyway.

Join an apprenticeship program

Some trucking companies, especially the largest ones, hold apprenticeship programs for drivers who have just received their CDL. They often don’t take a long time, and you’re very likely to get a job afterward since you’ll be trained specifically in how they operate.

Even if you don’t want to work with that company afterwards, an apprenticeship certification will boost your resume for any companies who are hiring down the line.

Find companies that send teams instead of individual drivers

For understandable reasons, many companies are reluctant to hire someone with zero experience to do long-haul trucking alone. Luckily, there are many companies that will send new drivers out on teams for an initial probationary period for routes longer than 2000 or so miles. These jobs often still pay decently, and they’ll open the door for solo work in the future by building your experience.

Additionally, getting started with a team can be an excellent opportunity to make friends in the industry, especially those like you that are new to trucking. Trucking can be a lonely field, and getting to know others in a similar position can make the process of breaking in and getting used to OTR trucking much easier and more pleasant.

Do research on companies that want to hire you before you agree

Once you start putting your name out there and applying for positions, you may find that you get offers from multiple companies. This is good news, but you should still be selective. There are a ton of trucking companies out there that don’t treat drivers well, and you don’t want to get stuck with one you’ll hate.

If you receive an offer, visit the company’s website and read it from top to bottom. Ask other truckers in the industry about their reputation. Some websites offer reviews from former employees, but always take these with a grain of salt. Before you accept any offer, be sure to check for important work-related details like their pay scale, pet policy (if you plan to bring your pet along), hometime policy, potential benefits, and any other potential issues you can think of.

Partner with a truck drivers temp agency

An unfortunate truth about breaking into an industry is that finding work can feel like its own job. Worse yet, it’s a job you don’t get paid for. And if you find that you don’t like your position once you’ve found one, the entire process starts over. It has the potential to be a real headache. But what if you could bypass this process entirely?

If you partner with a temp agency for truck drivers, the burden of finding quality work is no longer yours to deal with. Your temp agency will find jobs that fit within your schedule and needs and match you up with compatible employers. The best part is, you’ll work on a short-term contractual basis, so you won’t be stuck doing work that doesn’t work for you. In an industry dominated by uncertainty, it’s often the best way for new drivers to find work.

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